Memo to Sharon Stone: Halloween is over!

On Thursday, the actress attended the 10th Annual Lupus Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon in Beverly Hills … looking pretty scary (but she wasn’t in costume!).  

The 54-year-old sported a grey hat with a gold trim, a grey dress with a fur collar, orange gloves and an orange bag. While her outfit had its own serious problems, her makeup stole the spotlight ... and not in a good way.
Sharon either needs to hire a professional makeup artist or fire her current one for this look – bright gold eyeshadow which was generously applied on her eye lids (up to the brow line) and under her eyes ... and the clown-red lip didn't help.

Take note Sharon, eyeshadow should ONLY be applied to the lid of the eye and foundation is worn under the eye.

But she’s not alone – plenty of celebs have made similar makeup mistakes. See all their bad makeup moves in the gallery above!

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