She's sung about S&M, but now Rihanna is cracking the whip ... all for a sexy spread!

The R&B singer shows off her bad girl body with supermodel Kate Moss in a photo shoot for V Magazine.
The two got *very* close, posing in lacy lingerie and nothing at all.

Whips came into play in several S&M-style shots. Both Rihanna and Kate took turns in the submissive and dominant roles.



Although it seems like an odd pairing for a photo shoot, the two ladies are actually fans of each other. According to some reports, Kate orchestrated this shoot with Rihanna in mind.

Rihanna shared her love for the British supermodel by tweeting the pic below with the caption "me and my favs in hand #Kate #Vogue."


There is no word yet as to when the magazine will hit stands.

What do you think of Rihanna and Kate’s sexy shoot? Sound off in the comments below!

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