We've never seen zombies move like this!

The first trailer for Paramount's epic zombie movie "World War Z" is here -- but is it the big budget zombie flick horror fans have been waiting for?

While the movie looks like it actually has very little in common with the 2006 Max Brooks book it's based on, the Brad Pitt-starring film definitely brings something new to the genre.

These undead people-eaters don't just run ... they swarm.

In the trailer, we get glimpses of very fast moving zombies -- creatures so manic, they start to pile up over each other, like a swarm of insects or rats.

It's also great to see talent like Pitt, "The Killing" star Marielle Enos and director Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball") connected to a horror movie.

The flick doesn't hit theaters until June 2013, but check out the sneak peek above.

Will you be swarming to theaters for its release?

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