Meet Nicole Westbrook, the girl who's well on her way to becoming Rebecca Black 2.0.

Her music video for "It's Thanksgiving" was released on Wednesday, but it's already quickly becoming a viral sensation.

Instead of counting the days of the week though, this time Nicole counts the holidays until Thanksgiving -- with lyrics like "January was New Year, April was Easter, but now it's Thanksgiving" replacing gems like "Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday."

And if the rapper in the video looks familiar, that's because he's the same guy from Black's video: Patrice Wilson.

According to the Washington Post, Wilson also wrote both songs and is also one of the founders of Ark Music Factory.

It's clear Ark is very aware of what they're doing this time around, spoofing the absurdity of the "Friday" video and upping their game by having Westbrook use an actual turkey leg as a microphone.

We just hope Nicole is in on the joke.

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