The guys behind "The Hangover" -- Jon Lucas and Scott Moore -- are at it again.

Instead of a bachelor party, this time around they've penned a story that revolves around another major milestone in man's life -- his 21st birthday.

"21 and Over" stars Justin Chon ("Twilight") alongside Skylar Astin ("Pitch Perfect") and Miles Teller ("Footloose") in an outrageous coming-of-age comedy.

Chon plays Jeff Chang, a straight-A college student whose 21st birthday falls on the eve of his med school interview. But when his two best friends Casey and Miller stop by to take him out, utter debauchery ensues.

There's body shots, breaking dancing, and barfing -- sounds like a wild time to us. Check out the hilarious trailer above!

"21 and Over" opens in theaters March 1, 2013.

A fun piece of trivia. Francois Chau, who plays Jeff Chang's dad Dr. Chang, also played Dr. Chang on "Lost!"

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