Who says gadgets are only for guys? Check out these five sleek and stylish gifts -- perfect for the tech girl.

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Five fun gifts for the Tech Girl:

1. DEOS Swarovski Crystal Earbud Covers: $35

Bling out your buds and listen to music in style! The covers are covered in Swarovski crystals and snap onto any Apple or DEOS earphones. They come in several colors and styles so there’s a cover for every gadget girl.

Website: deoslive.com

2. Beats by Dr. Dre Executive Headphones : $299

These comfortable over the ear headphones are designed with noise cancellation so you can rock out to your favorite jams without being interrupted. The headphones are also lightweight and foldable. It’s perfect for any girl-on-the-go.

Website: beatsbydre.com

3. Samsung GALAXY Note II: $299


The Samsung Galaxy Note II is the next best thing in smartphones. Designed for unmatched multitasking, the Galaxy Note II combines the ease of pen and paper plus advanced smartphone technology. With the S Pen you can quickly take notes in your own handwriting, navigate with the precision of a mouse, and edit documents in a flash.

Website: samsung.com

4. Verloop’s Tech Gloves:


Attention techies, even though winter is upon us we have the perfect gift for your hands and gadgets! The Verloop Tech Gloves are designed to work with touch screen devices, made with conductive yarn for your index and thumb fingers so operating touch screens outdoors is made easy.

Website: verloopknits.com

5. Nico and Lala iPad Cover: $65


Nothing beats fashion and function! The Nico and Lala iPad Covers are offered in an array of chic and sophisticated patterns, including the swanky and chic zebra design! Each cover is made with environmentally friendly inks and post consumer recycled materials. They are also stain and water resistant and fold out easel style for easy viewing!

Website: nicoandlala.com

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