Environmentally friendly and social conscious gifts are all the rage these days. Embrace the holiday spirit with gifts that give back -- check out our five Eco-chic picks below!

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Five Fun Gifts for the Eco Friendly Girl:

1. Remix Watches Interchangeable Faces: $49.95


Remix watches are made from 100% recycled products and the bright and flexible silicone bands are water-resistant and can be interchanged to create over 120 different color combinations. Not to mention the LED illuminating lights behind the face of the watch create a pretty cool lightshow on your wrist!

2. The Honest Family Essentials Bundle

Looking for a gift for your environmentally conscious friend? Jessica Alba has the perfect gift and line of products for her! The Honest Family Essentials Bundle features a one-month supply of non-toxic bath/skin and household cleaning products that are perfect for the entire family.

Website: honest.com

3. EnvyDerm All-Natural Lip Plump

Tired of products with ingredients you can’t begin to pronounce? How about all-natural products with all-natural ingredients that you can not only pronounce but that you recognize! EnvyDerm high performance cosmetics are a line of eyelash and lip products specifically designed for enhancing natural beauty. Give an o’natural gift this season by plumping up your lips with cosmetics that have no harmful ingredients.

Website: www.envyderm.com

4. WaiHope Eco-Friendly Skin Care


Created originally for cancer patients and individuals battling illness, WaiHope is THE eco-friendly skin care line with ingredients that help, heal, and restore skin ... perfect for the eco-conscious chic!

Website: www.waihope.com

5. Hellomellow Fellow -- Eco-Friendly Body Care


Perfect for an eco-friendly girl, each of the vegan products are hand blended with avocado and mango butters and uses nature's finest ingredients so you can smell good and feel good!

Website: hellomellow.com

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