Baby's first bottle!

The Rancics are sharing the joys of parenthood in the new season of their reality show, "Giuliana & Bill" -- and in tonight's premiere, we get an adorable look at baby Duke getting his first feeding.

In a video shot by Bill himself and not one of the reality show cameras from Style Network, the two proud parents see how their little guy takes to the bottle.

"It feels good. I feel like I'm not nervous at all," Giuliana says to her husband. "I feel like I can take care of him. I expected to be more nervous and more flustered like I had no idea what to do but I feel like totally at ease."

After following the couple through some serious times -- including Giuliana's breast cancer battle and struggles with infertility -- the new season will focus on the happy parents, who welcomed Duka via gestational surrogate on August 29.

"Giuliana & Bill" premieres tonight on Style.

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