After a disastrous shoot and some really bad reviews, "Liz & Dick" finally premiered last night -- and it was great in all the worst ways.

Let's put it this way: The Lifetime movie won't be racking up any Emmy Awards.

While the costume department was on-point, the rest of the made-for-TV movie was a mess -- with Lindsay Lohan's performance as the late, great Elizabeth Taylor reaching laughable heights.

With her inconsistent accent and signature raspy voice, it became hard to watch the flick without seeing anyone other than Lindsay. Did anyone buy her as Liz for more than a few fleeting moments?

That being said, the movie was definitely entertaining ... in a "Mommie Dearest"/"Showgirls"-kinda way.

Check out some of the moments that made us laugh out loud in the video above.

And if you missed the main event on Sunday, don't worry -- "Liz & Dick" airs again tonight at 8pm on Lifetime.

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