That's the only question we had when we heard that "Glee" was going to cover PSY's "Gangnam Style" -- and now that we've seen it, the question still remains.

Sure, the song is catchy and has been dominating both YouTube and iTunes recently, but is it really a tune that showcases New Directions' stellar voices? No.

Though she rarely has solos, Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) performed the Korean pop song at Sectionals on last night's episode. Ushkowitz herself was born in Korea, but was raised in New York.

The number was all over the place, and paled in comparison to come of the other group numbers this season -- like "Some Nights" and "Chasing Pavements."

And we're not alone in thinking it wasn't the show's best. As the episode aired, fans took to Twitter to show their dissatisfaction.

"Just heard Glee's cover of Gangnam Style and now I believe in hell," one wrote -- as another wrote "Wow, Gangnam Style on Glee was such an uninspired fail. Even if a certain song is a monster hit, if it feels forced, it will look forced"

Plus, The Warblers performed One Direction's "Live While You're Young" and totally slayed it. Sorry, but this number was clearly the winner:

"Glee" already jumped the shark a while back, but was PSY's "Gangnam Style" one of the worst covers they've done on the show ... or did you actually like it? Sound off below!

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