It's safe to say Jenelle Evans will be buying Ke$ha's new album today -- because on last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," she still wouldn't shut up about her!

In case you missed it, the troubled 20-year-old violated her probation by failing a drug test and was given the choice of 45 days in jail or an extended probation. She wanted to do jail to get it over with ... but realllllly wanted to see a Ke$ha concert that fell within the proposed dates for her sentence.

In the end, Jenelle didn't get to choose -- she failed another random drug test and was immediately sent to jail.

But last night, Evans finally got to see her feather-haired "idol."

After her BFF posted her bail, the two went straight to the "Die Young" singer's show.

"Ke$ha is my favorite artist ever, she's just like me," Evans said before the concert. "I listen to her all the time in my car, everywhere I go, always singing it in my head, I know all the lyrics to all her songs."

If only she was as dedicated to staying clean or being a stable mom to her son Jace as she is to the Jack Daniels-swilling, glitter-covered singer.

Unsurprisingly, Jenelle's mom Barbara wasn't thrilled with the chain of events -- watch the screaming match that happened when she confronted her daughter about her behavior above.

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