Celebrities love That Madonna Girl – you’ve seen them wear her headpieces on the streets and in night clubs, and now you can win your very own flower halo!

toofab caught up with ThatMadonnaGirl.com founder/designer Michelle Madonna to chat about her famous headwear, and of course her celebrity clientele.

Stars like Julianne Hough and Christina Milian are big fans of Michelle’s hair flair, and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan happen to be two of her biggest celeb clients – Lindsay even has her own signature halo!

“I send Paris new ones every couple months and Lindsay has her own custom one,” Michelle told toofab.

For now -- ThatMadonnaGirl.com primarily features flower headbands, but Michelle’s been working with up and coming designers to incorporate headpieces with metals and semi-precious stones (an idea that comes at the request of Lindsay Lohan herself!).

We had to ask – if there was one celeb she’d love to work with … who would it be? “I would love to work with Katy Perry, I think she is really cool and the headbands are her style," Michelle said.

So where does Michelle draw inspiration for her designs? Her devoted fans she calls her "flower children."

“A lot of my inspiration comes from my flower children -- they tweet, email and post on the site different ideas they have.”

And if Michelle uses one of your ideas, she names the halo after you. Like the "Chelsea" that has black and silver roses, named after one of her twitter followers.

ThatMadonnaGirl.com has teamed up with toofab to give one (1) lucky winner her very own halo! Simply enter below for your chance to win!

Click here for the official rules.

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