You'd think after 20 years in front of cameras, Britney Spears would be used to it by now ... but last night at an "X Factor" event, she definitely looked overwhelmed.

And watching the video above, it's pretty easy to see why!

The moment Spears hit the red carpet for a viewing party at Mixology101 & Planet Dailies on Thursday, the photographers went wild -- screaming her name and telling her to turn in all directions.

Spears can clearly be seen telling one of her handlers "Oh my god, I can't see" as the flashbulbs go off ... while giving the photogs plenty of her signature goofball faces.

While her hair and makeup looked great and that floral leather dress fit in all the right places, there's one accessory we could have done without: The gum in her mouth!

Check out more shots of Britney from the big bash above!

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