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Two big boy banders got some fresh ink this week -- as Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik both showed off some new tattoos.

Joe Jonas got his second piece of body art yesterday at Sunset Strip Tattoo and took to Twitter last night to show off the final result.

"two ropes (two parents) makes four ends (four brothers)," he wrote about the ink, which apparently signifies his entire family. Joe also has a African Adinkra symbol on the other side of his arm.

One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik also got inked up -- but he got the VIP treatment.

Instead of going to a tattoo parlor, the tattoo artist came to his hotel room!

John Bahel gave Zayn and Louis Tomlinson new pieces inside their room at the Trump International -- and Zayn showed his off last night outside Letterman.

Though he already has a very inked-up arm, Zayn's two new tatts are a "M.S.G." for their sold-out Madison Square Garden show and the word "Chillin'" with a palm tree.

What do you think of their new tattoos? Check out more "Manly Ink" above.

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