The holidays are finally upon us, and in celebration we're posting five fun facts about our favorite festive flicks!

Today's featured film is "Love Actually" (2003).

1. "Love Actually" was Andrew Lincoln's (Mark) first big budget movie. You probably recognize him as Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead" (yep, he's British ... and so is The Governor!).

2. Keira Knightley -- who played teen bride Juliet -- was just 18 when the film was released. The legal age for marrying in the U.K. is 16.

3. The footage of people reuniting at the beginning and the end of the film is real. A film crew shot visitors at Heathrow Airport for a week and asked them to use the footage for the film.

4. The lake that maid Lúcia Moniz (Aurelia) and writer Colin Firth (Jamie) swim in was actually only 18" deep. The actors has to kneel down and pretend they were in deeper water.

5. Olivia Olson (Joanna) did her own singing for "All I Want For Christmas Is You." They had to edit her voice so it sounded more childlike. Thomas Sangster (Sam), who played the young boy that had a crush on her, appeared on "Game of Thrones."

And here's one of our favorite scenes with Kris Marshall (Colin), Ivana Milicevic (Stacey), January Jones (Jeannie) and Elisha Cuthbert (Carol-Anne). And in case you don't remember, the "sexy one" was Shannon Elizabeth (Harriet).

And just for kicks...

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