"The Voice" lived up to its name this season, showcasing plenty of powerhouse talents like Trevin Hunte, Amanda Brown, and of course the final three: Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David.

One of them will be crowned "The Voice" on tonight's season finale.

During Monday's final performances, Cassadee killed her rendition of "Cry," Nicholas had some fun with "Great Balls of Fire" and Terry and judge Blake Shelton's duet of "Dude Looks Like a Lady" was definitely entertaining.

So, who do we think will win?

Cassadee Pope seems like the obvious choice -- she’s been in the lead in iTunes chart sales throughout the competition. The pretty brunette has support from musicians like Pete Wentz and the group All-Time Low, and an (already) huge fan base from her rock group Hey Monday.

See Cassadee's final performance below:

Cassadee definitely has a pop star charm about her – think Carrie Underwood meets Katy Perry – and vocally she's performed pretty flawlessly on the live shows. She'd be the first female winner of "The Voice."

While Scottish rocker Terry McDermott has amazing vocals and a definite stage presence, he may not have the same passionate fanbase as Pope. On top of that, Monday’s "Broken Wings" was not Terry’s best performance, and his vocal slip-up could hurt him for those deciding strictly based off the final performances.

See Terry's final performance below:

There is a slight advantage Terry has over Cassadee -- he’s older and a father, and may come across as needing the prize money and contract more than his 23-year-old rival. That could sway undecided voters.

Last but not least is soul singer Nicholas David. Nicholas hasn’t developed quite the same following as Cassadee or Terry, which will probably hurt him in the elimination tonight. But, he’s definitely been a coach favorite throughout the season. Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake have eached confessed to being fans of what Nicholas does onstage.

See Nicholas' final performance below:

Nicholas is (by far) the most unique contestant in the competition, and while it’s refreshing to see a new and innovative talent hit the stage, he may not resonate quite as well with mainstream America as Pope or McDermott. But like Terry, Nicholas is also older and a father, and therefore needs this break more than Cassadee.

If we had to bet on who wins Season 3 of "The Voice," it’d be Cassadee Pope. She has the biggest following and is the most marketable.

But, who should've won this season is semifinalist Trevin Hunte; he is the true representation of what “The Voice” stands for, and by far had the best range and talent of anyone in the entire competition. The 18-year-old will be ok though -- Christina promised to take Trevin under her wing and on her next tour if he didn’t win the competition.

Who do you want to win? Sound off below!

By Brittany Kyles

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