Disney Channel stars want to go to the prom too! 

"Shake it Up" stars Bella Thorne, 15, and Zendaya Coleman, 16, may be big-time teen actresses, but both girls say they wouldn't need famous dates for high school's biggest event. Though there are a few famous musicians' tunes Thorne admits she'd like to hear on the dance floor: namely, Justin Bieber.

The House of Mouse members graced the cover of  "Seventeen's" Prom issue and spilled all the deets on their dream dresses, dates and how they'd want to be asked to the big dance. 


On how she'd want to be asked to the prom:

It's every girl's dream to be asked to prom in some cute, romantic way. You know how you have the way its supposed to be in your brain? It’s a vision. I want my fairy-tale moment!

On whether she's dating right now:

I am not! I just turned 16, and I’m now allowed to date, but I’m not trying to rush into anything. I’m letting things happen the way they naturally would. It would be nice [to have a boyfriend], but I’m not like, Ooh, I need a boyfriend.


On her dream prom dress:

I think that since it’s prom, you should definitely wear a long dress. You can wear a short one anytime! This is the moment when you get to be a princess, and for me, that means a sweetheart neckline, long, then pouf—out and big.

 On her "Love Waits" promise ring with boyfriend Tristan Klier:

It’s not a traditional promise ring. It’s basically to always stay truthful. I think that’s a really important part of a relationship, that you’re always honest with each other. The [other] ring has a heart, and “Tristan and Bella” is inscribed. It’s a promise to stay pure to ourselves.

For more on Bella and Zendaya, go to www.seventeen.com/bellazendaya and pick up a copy of Seventeen Prom, on newsstands December 25th.

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