Korean musical phenom PSY officially became the first person to reach a billion views for his famed "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube Friday.  

But, it's not just his music that's making waves. The singer's unique style in the video has become its own topic of conversation. In the four-minute video, he sports bright-colored suits, short-shorts, Vivienne Westwood's iconic triple placket white button down and is never without one of two different pairs of Thierry Lasry sunglasses. 

Theirry Lasry spokesperson Nicolas Vanier-Leduc tells toofab the company has seen a definite spike in product interest. "Since the video hit the first 100,000 views on YouTube, so approximately in the end of August, we have about at least 2-3 requests a day from either people who contact us directly to know where the closest retailer [that sells the sunglasses is], or from our stockists who get a lot of requests from their customers," he says.

PSY wears two versions of the same sunglass style, named "Variety," throughout the music video.  "The Variety is stocked and comes in several colors so the black one and the other colors have seen their sales rising especially in Asia where Psy is becoming really huge," Nicolas says. They retail in the U.S. for $435. 

However, the tortoise pair PSY  wears in the beginning of the video were a limited edition line the company produced last year and are no longer on shelves. "Unfortunately the other color w/ the stripes can’t be reproduced as the material we used for this style is no longer available. We could have sold thousands of it if we could have produced it ..." Nicolas laments. 

Watch the video that sparked all the interest below.

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