It's Christmas!! To celebrate, we've been counting down the days by posting five fun facts about our favorite festive flicks.

And the season just wouldn't be complete without an all-day marathon of "A Christmas Story."

1. While the movie takes place in Indiana, the real house from the film is located in Cleveland, Ohio -- 3159 W. 11th Street, to be exact. Check it out on Google Maps -- if you zoom in, you can even see the leg lamp in the window!

2.  When Flick (Scott Schwartz) is triple-dog-dared to lick the icy flagpole, a vacuum sucked his tongue in place to make it look like he was frozen to the pole.

3. Ralphie's (Peter Billingsley) mumbling and grumbling while fighting with Scut Farkus (Zack Ward) might sound like ad libbed nonsense, but the rant was scripted word for word. 

4. The song that plays when we're first introduced to Farkus is "Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofiev. Guess how to say "wolf" in Hungarian!

5. Go ahead and count. Ralphie says "Red Ryder BB Gun" 28 times. If you lose track, just watch TBS today and you'll have a few chances to try again!

See what Ralphie, Randy and Flick look like now -- plus more holiday movie stars in the gallery above!

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