Forget designer bags and statement necklaces.

Fancy fingertips have definitely become *the* fashion accessory of 2012!

Who can forget when Kelly Osbourne wore nail polish made from black diamonds at the Emmys. Their value? $250,000 (Kelly later apologized after fans expressed outrage).

Fergie loves stilettos, even on her nails. Careful...she can poke your eye out with those. Zooey Deschanel had a whimsical manicure with a television set for the Emmys as well.

Even male celebrities are getting in on this fashion trend! Seal and Dominic Monaghan tweeted of their MANicures, too!

Click “Launch Gallery” above to see our favorite celeb nail art of the year, be they tasteful or tacky! And no, they’re not all of Katy Perry’s nails!

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