Ryan Murphy teased that last night's episode of "American Horror Story" would contain a big clue about the plot of the show's third season ... and we think we may have figured it out!

"You really have to be quick and watch. I made sure to put it in there for the fans because I know people loved that last year, figuring it out," Murphy told EW before the show aired.

So, what's our guess? Season Three could be the Season of the Witch.

While the episode was chock full of deaths, alien babies and shock therapy, there were two moments that really stood out as potential clues for the show's future.

First, Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) playing "I Put a Spell On You" on the asylum's brand new jukebox. We're sure this was a deliberate song choice ... and a clear reference to voodoo or witchcraft. (Plus, it had us thinking of this "Hocus Pocus" moment!)

And there was also quick throwaway line from the Monsignor (Joseph Fiennes) about cremation being a Pagan ritual.

Then there's this: After the show Murphy told EW they're "contemplating shooting it in a place in the country where true horror has been."

Hmmmm .... Salem, Massachusetts anyone?

We'd definitely be interested to see what kind of Salem Witch Trial story lines Murphy could conjure up ... how about you?

Of course, we could be 100% wrong.

Maybe Sister Jude's (Jessica Lange) amazing performance of "The Name Game" could mean we're in for a "Glee"-inspired musical season filled with singing ghosts and goblins.

Do you have your own ideas about Season Three? Let us know below!

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