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Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, Jwoww is adamant she didn't have a "vile" wardrobe malfunction on New Year's Eve.

And now she's showing off her butt in an attempt to prove her point.

In two new videos on her Keek account, the "Jersey Shore" star speaks out against a "pretty disgusting" photo (her words, not ours) of her "derriere" from Monday night, taken as she stood over the crowd in Times Square.

If the below videos don't load, try watching them here.

"To prove this picture wrong, I decided to video my buttocks ... because you can't Photoshop a video," she says in the clip.

"Here's my butt, here's my butt like it's supposed to be the picture," she adds. "I know it's not Victoria's Secret, but it's mine and it took a lot of donuts and cheeseburgers to get this!"

She also made it clear that she was wearing underwear while hosting MTV's NYE special alongside Snooki -- saying "I did not pull a Britney Spears!"

We're not quite sure what her videos actually prove though.

Her dress was extremely short and more than one photo agency shot photos of it hiking up a little too high. Plus, we haven't seen anyone suggesting she wasn't wearing "drawers."

What do you think? Does she have a point ... or was she just looking for another reason to proudly show off her assets?

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media_removed_toofab 2013

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