The most shocking part of the "Real Housewives of Miami" reunion came in the form of apology!

Part 2 of the special aired last night, and Adriana de Moura apologized to Joanna Krupa for slapping her at Lisa Hochstein's party. There's definitely been no love lost between the two women; just watch as they went at each other's throats during Part 1 (this clip is epic):

Then Thursday night, in a major turnaround, both Adriana and Joanna expressed regret for their actions:

Joanna also took the opportunity to dispel rumors that she was an escort and talks about her infamous foot fetish tickle video​:

And as for Joe Francis' claims that he slept with both Joanna and her sister Marta, here's what the supermodel had to say:

"I dont sleep and I dont associated myself with criminals ... my sister's not here and I'm not going to speak on her behalf."

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