It’s a brand new season of ABC's "The Bachelor," which means there's a whole new crop of girls competing to win the heart of former contestant, 29-year-old Texas native Sean Lowe (and he has some tough decisions to make!).

While all of the bachelorettes this season are beautiful, we were certainly surprised when we figured out some of their ages. Looks can definitely be deceiving! Think you can pinpoint the younger contestant?

Find out below and make sure to check out all the women competing this season by clicking “Launch Gallery!"

Who is younger?

1. Lindsay from Fort Bragg, NC or Taryn from Portland, OR?

2. Selma from San Diego, CA or Lacey from Valencia, CA ?

3. Diana from Salt Lake City, UT or Desiree from Northglenn, CO?

4. Ashley P. from Macomb, MI or Daniella from Belmont, CA?


Answer Key: Find out their ages and see if you picked the right one!


Surprised? Let us know, and click "Launch Gallery" below to see all the competing bachelorettes and find out who didn't get a rose!


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