Nicole Eggert was a big star in the "Baywatch" heyday -- but her appearance on the new "What Not to Wear" makes it look like she's still on the A-list.

A promo for her episode of the TLC show was just released and it paints a pretty hilarious (and not entirely accurate) picture of Nicole's day-to-day life.

While it's true that the paparazzi have taken some less-than-flattering photos of her in the past, the clip makes it seem like they're camped outside hotels all day and night just to snap a pic!

Those paps you see above ... we're guessing they're TLC interns. And, as far as we know, "GOSSIP" magazine isn't a real thing.

Ridiculous set-up aside, Eggert really does need some help in the fashion department and we're hoping Stacy London and Clinton Kelly can shake her out of her sweatpants and into some more stylish duds.

"I gained a little bit of weight," the 40-year-old admits. "I've had two kids, so I go for whats easy and whats comfortable and I guess I don't put too much thought into it."

Eggert also calls the paparazzi attention "mean" and adds that she wants to lose 10 pounds and "get to where I can be me for me and then let them taking pictures again"

See her transformation when "What Not to Wear" airs tonight on TLC.

Also, check out fellow "Baywatch" alums David Chokachi and Alexandra Paul compete last night on FOX's "Stars In Danger: The High Dive."

And see how the entire cast of "Baywatch" has changed through the years in the gallery below!


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