Former "Baywatch" beauty Nicole Eggert knew it was time for a change in her look ... and, like any smart, attention-seeking celebrity, she did it with the help of a reality show.

The now 40-year-old appeared on last night's episode of "What Not to Wear," where she talked about the difficulties of dealing with the "mean" paparazzi taking unflattering photos of her in the past.

After having two kids, Eggert started dressing in sweatshirts, sweatpants and outfits that didn't fit her body type. Here's the before:


So, were Stacy London and Clinton Kelly able to work their magic?

Check out the video above to the makeover that had Nicole saying "The paparazzi were not the kindest ... but now if they photograph me like this, they can call me big but it's fabulous!"

And see more "Baywatch" stars Then & Now below:


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