The first official portrait of Kate Middleton was unveiled this morning in London ... and yes, that's supposed to look like her now.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine were there for the big reveal and while she reportedly said the portrait was "absolutely brilliant," it's been taking a beating online.

One reporter called it "an aesthetic disaster" while a Twitter user said it looked "worse than the touch up of Jesus!!"

"Kate Middleton's new portrait painting looks like the before picture on a miracle anti-ageing [sic] skin cream advert," wrote another.

And our personal favorite: "Kate Middleton's new portrait looks like that creepy painting from hell that can stare into your soul in Ghostbusters 2."

What do you think? The artist, Paul Emsley, says Kate wanted to "be portrayed naturally -- her natural self -- as opposed to her official self" in the portrait.

And while the portrait is questionable, the real Duchess looked amazing at the unveiling ceremony.

Sporting a belted red dress, the pregnant Middleton didn't show even a hint of a baby bump.

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