Tyler Hayden
thought he found the girl of his dreams in Amanda Miller. Problem is, the handsome Michiganian (above) had never met her in real life ... or even talked to her.

In the year plus they had been in touch, all their communication was done online. Amanda claimed to not own a phone and told Tyler her webcam was broken.

All these red flags led Tyler to reach out to the guys behind the MTV show "Catfish" -- Nev and Max. Together, they decided to meet Amanda to figure out if she was real or a "catfish" -- a person who uses social media to create a false identity for the purpose of pursuing online romances.

So was Amanda the pretty blonde she claimed to be? Watch and find out:

Turns out Amanda was really Aaron, a gay black man. Aaron admitted he had talked to "100 or so" guys as Amanda. Aaron's actions had gotten him in trouble before; he was kicked out of school after talking to his R.A. as Amanda.

When asked why he took on the fictitious persona, Aaron said being Amanda "feels better than being myself." He added, "I don't want to be gay, to be honest" and admitted that he would rather be a straight girl than a gay guy.

A duped and shocked Tyler left to process the news. After their meeting, Tyler unfriended Amanda but agreed to meet Aaron one more time. Aaron apologized to Tyler and Tyler accepted his apology.

Tyler eventually went off to school where he was meeting new people, and Aaron moved to New York to find a more accepting environment. In the post script, Taylor and Aaron never talked again.

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