Judging from new behind-the-scenes video from Beyonce's shoot with GQ, her beautiful body is all hers!

Twitter was up in arms over Bey's photo shoot with Terry Richardson -- with ton's of people accusing the mag of retouching the new-mom's photos.

GQ's shared interview and video outtakes from the seemingly controversial spread ... and it looks like the singer's not trying to hide a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g from her fans and foes.

Here's an excerpt from the singers interview with the Men's mag that didn't make the issue -- the 31-year-old opens up about rumors that her pregnancy was fake:

"I felt like I kind of had to protect my mother, because when people made up the silliest rumor about me not really being pregnant, she was there when I went through all of those things. And my sister. They were very, very defensive. It's not personal to me, and it comes along with the job, but the lack of respect—people will just go too far sometimes."

Also missing from her interview -- Queen Bey's outlook on giving birth:

"When I gave birth, that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered. And it taught me how amazing that feels... giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman. I have so much more substance in my life.  And expressing that excitement and that sensuality and the connection I have with my husband—I'm a lot more comfortable with that now. I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself."

Check out her behind-the-scenes video from the shoot below and (trust us) you'll see that her body really IS that "Bootylicious!"

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