is the queen of fashion ... flops.

On Monday, the "Die Young" singer donned one of the most unflattering looks we've seen on her yet to the RIAA Presidential Charity Benefit in Washington, D.C.

The 25-year-old sported a bright orange pantsuit embellished with what appears to be handmade blue stars and a USA logo on the back of the jacket. Aside from the fact that blue and orange just don't look good together (or for that matter, are even patriotic colors) ... that wasn't her biggest problem.

We don't know who did her makeup ... but we'd suggest looking into a new artist. Her pale white complexion with the bold lip and blue smokey eyeshadow is more of fitting for Halloween, rather than a Presidential Charity event.

Ke$ha's gone with more natural makeup before and looked beautiful -- next time, she should just just calm down on the concealer (and throw out the blue shadow)!

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