After a season marked with multiple alien abductions, a Nazi doctor, a loveable Pinhead named Pepper, one prostitute milking and two incarnations of a creepy masked killer named Bloody Face, "American Horror Story: Asylum" came to an end Wednesday night.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

With Jude, Kit and Lana going into the finale still breathing, one question remains: Who made it out alive?

Sister Jude -- R.I.P.

We learn that Lana went back to rescue Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) from Briarcliff -- but she was too late, Kit had beat her to the punch. He brought her to live with him and his half-alien kids, who helped rehabilitate her with their mysterious alien mojo.

Shortly after recovering, Sister Jude passed away ... and her death was one of the most touching moments of the season. She was seen whispering some sage advice to Julie and Thomas before the Angel of Death came to whisk her away with a kiss.

Lange definitely had quite the arc in "Asylum," going from nasty nun to electrified mental patient to redeemed soul. She deserves all the accolades thrown her way.

Kit Walker --- M.I.A.

After the death of his two baby mamas, Kit (Evan Peters) raised his kids solo. After Jude's death, he still stayed close with Lana and eventually remarried.

His alien kids went on to find great success. One became a professor at Harvard and the other was a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins. Kit himself was taken from his deathbed by the same aliens that abducted his wife and Grace.

He was never seen again ... and hopefully not impregnated by E.T. in his old age.

Lana Winters -- MVP

We learned that Lana (Sarah Paulson) became a highly respected, Barbara Walters-type investigative journalist who exposed the atrocities of Briarcliff and confronted the Monsignor about his role in the horror. (FYI, the Monsignor later killed himself)

During an interview for her Kennedy Center Honors win, Winters revealed what the audience knew all along: That her child didn't die during childbirth, she gave him up for adoption.

She also admitted to checking in on him once in the '70s (where she looked fierce!) but never saw him again.

But see him again she did once the camera crew left her place. Grown-up Johnny (Dylan McDermott) had pretended to be a donut-wrangler for the shoot and strolled right into her apartment -- with a mission to make his dead daddy proud by offing Lana.

Winters was ready for him though and persuaded him into giving her his gun ... and then shot him right in the forehead. Fitting end for a guy who went by the name Bloody Face.

The ambitious Lana Winters, sole survivor.

It was a pretty satisfying conclusion to one very wild season, at least in our minds. Lange, Paulson and Lily Rabe all deserve Emmy nominations when they get announced.

Show creator Ryan Murphy said there would be one BIG clue about the next season of the show during the finale ... but nothing stood out in a huge way.

Jude running around with a broom could be seen as an nod to witches ... and Kit's second wedding looked like it took place in the South, a rumored setting for the next go-around.

Did you notice anything we missed though? Sound off below!

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