When it comes to the scruffy versus smooth men debate, one side has Kristin Cavallari running to the hills.

toofab's Lawrence Yee caught up with the reality TV star and new mom on Monday. Kristin was promoting Gillette's Kiss & Tell Experiment in Chicago, where women were asked which kiss is best: a kiss with stubble or smooth skin.

So which does Kristin prefer? "I like the look of stubble, but I like the feeling of smooth," she said, admitting she's gotten scratched by scruff. But you won't catch her manscaping her fiance, Jay Cutler if he gets too hairy. The Chicago Bears QB keeps facial hair in check with the Gillette Fusion.

Kristin also told toofab that their wedding plans are underway, but her focus right now is on her son Camden Jack, who was born in August.

Nothing about motherhood has taken the first-time mom by surprise. She says she got some advice from her parents, but they're good about letting her raise Camden her way.

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