Beautiful people, ugly behavior!

On Monday's "Vanderpump Rules," Stassi Schroeder's birthday bash became a birthday brawl after her ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor showed up, still nursing his wounds from their breakup.

Stassi was celebrating with the rest of the SUR staff, including new fling bartender Frank Herlihy. But it was a cussing out from Jax's buddy Tom Schwartz that set things off. Drinks went flying, shirts came off, and there was a lot of trash talk. Warning, there's some PG-13 language and images in these clips.

Of course, the key to any reality show is violence and nudity. Viewers were treated to the latter when Stassi and the SUR staff went skinnydipping in a Las Vegas pool.

We caught up with Jax last week, where he told us watching this episode was "brutal." He played coy on whether he and Stassi are back together, but said he was "very, very happy," hinting they reunited.

Off-camera, we heard Jax say Frank no longer works at Sur, which supports this theory.

Who had the worst behavior in Vegas?

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