Analeigh Tipton may not have won her cycle of "America's Next Top Model" ... but she's getting the last laugh. 

While Season 11's winner, McKey Sullivan, is MIA these days, Tipton not only starred in the critically acclaimed flick "Crazy, Stupid, Love" but also appears in this weekend's zombie movie "Warm Bodies."

And though she's moved away from reality TV, Tipton still gives the show some credit for her current success.

"When I was cast in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' I know the directors didn't know about 'Top Model,' she told a group of reporters at a recent press event for her new film.

"For me, it was kind of cool," she says of the achievement. "But I think what 'Top Mode' gave me was a fan base, it really has helped make it so that I can even get into rooms [with directors] in the first place. It really opened the door of allowing me to be in the room."

And playing the BFF role in "Warm Bodies" means she's gone from smizing for Tyra Banks to holding up the John Malkovich at gunpoint. What a career 180! 

"I'm pretty sure that he felt me shaking the first time I did it," Tipton says of pointing a pistol at John. "I called my parents and said 'Guess what I get to do?!'"

"I'm clumsy in general, put a weapon in my hand and it's not a good idea," she adds.

It's clear Analeigh is one of the most successful "Top Model" alums -- check out the gallery above to see what some of the show's winners have been up to since being crowned champion.

"Warm Bodies" opens Friday in theaters. See Analeigh in action with costars Teresa Palmer and Dave Franco below:

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