Fashion definitely runs in the family!

Kendall, 17, and Kylie Jenner, 15, just launched their very own clothing line with PacSun – and they did it all without the help of their three older sisters.

toofab's Brittany Kyles chatted with the teenagers about their new line, and of course, all things Kardashian.

Unlike Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe's "Kardashian Kollection," which features bold prints and bright colors, Kendall and Kylie kept their brand true to their personal style -- California casual.

“It’s got a summery feel, we wanted to keep it casual. It’s got a very California vibe,” Kylie told us. “We had a lot of input."

The collection entails a variety of chambray button downs, chiffon tops, high-waisted shorts, denim, graphic tees, dresses, jackets and scarves.

When asked about her favorite pieces, Kendall replied, "there's this button up jean collared shirt that's chambray with a jean color to white and a chiffon mullet skirt I love."

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe may have their own clothing line and their own chain of DASH stores … but the youngest girls of the Kardashian/Jenner clan wanted no help from their big sisters.

"We didn’t want any tips or advice from them, we wanted this to be all us and our own," Kendall said.

They may not have wanted their older sister's input, but they do like their style. "I think Kourtney has a really cute style," Kendall said. "I love Kim’s style, I think Kim's really evolved into her style recently,” Kylie added. But, “Khloe has the best shoes,” the girls confessed.

Both of the little ladies have been working in fashion for the last few years, they’ve walked the runway for Avril Lavigne, modeled dresses for Sherri Hill, and graced numerous magazine covers.

Kendall, who already has a successful career in fashion, wants to stick with modeling -- but Kylie is open to tapping into other areas of the entertainment industry. “I don’t know yet, I definitely need to figure out this year if I want to do acting,” she told us.  

While the girls have branched out with their own clothing line, you won’t be seeing them on a spin-off anytime soon.

“We want to be kids, we want to have a kids-ish life so I don’t think another reality show is in our plan anytime soon,” Kendall told toofab exclusively, “We wouldn’t be where we are now without the show, it obviously has changed our lives for the better and given us opportunities, but it does have its ups and downs."

Make sure to check out Kendall and Kylie’s PacSun collection, in stores Feb. 08. And if you’re in the New York area, each of the girls will be making appearances in New York and New Jersey on Feb. 08 and 09.

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