Oklahoma City was final stop on the "American Idol" auditions. And despite being in the heart of America, there were some really out-there contestants -- one of whom might look very familiar.

Check out our picks for the top 5 can't-miss auditions, plus a bonus clip that can only be described as the most bizarre audition we've ever seen on "Idol" (and potentially the moment the long-running show finally jumped the shark).

1. "Pepper Labeija"

Pepper is clearly above the 29-year-old age limit. "She" clearly is a man as well, but do you recognize the star under the wig? Yep, that's former "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler. Pepper Labeija was actually a famous New York drag queen who passed away in 2003. Find out if Pepper/Steven made it to Hollywood:

2. Anastacia Freeman

There's already a singer named Anastacia ... is there room for another in the pop world? This Anastacia said that God told her to audition. But does Anastacia have a God-given talent? Watch (and check out the major "X Factor" diss):

3. Kayden Stephenson

Sob story alert! 16-year-old Kayden has that tween heartthrob look. Unfortunately, due to cystic fibrosis, he's already lived about half his life expectency. Kayden's voice was not the greatest by any means, but did the judges turn down his dreams?

4. Nate Tao

Second sob story alert! Both of Nate Tao's parents are deaf, and therefore couldn't gage how talented their son was. This is just a nice, feel-good audition, and a welcome change from all the William Hung-esque disasters from the season premiere.

5. Halie Hilburn and Oscar

Halie, a ventriloquist, took her puppet Oscar in with her to meet the four judges. The duo ended up doing a duet together. Yes, a duet. Just watch:

Bonus. Zoanette Johnson

As bizarre as Halie and Oscar were, this contestant topped them.

Zoanette's version of "The Star Spangled Banner" may become more discussed than Beyonce's. She delivered an overly dramatic, overwrought performance that at one point knocked Keith Urban out of his chair. Zoanette revealed she wasn't invited by President Obama to sing at the White House, but did she get invited to Hollywood?

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