LeAnn Rimes got a TV makeover last night to try and get a more "polished and sophisticated" look ... and did it by putting on a bikini.

Rimes, who is often photographed by paparazzi (or by herself) in a number of revealing swimsuits, appeared on Style Network's "Celebrity Closet Confidential" Wednesday night.

The premise of the show is for stylist to the stars Mary Alice Haney to raid a celeb's closet and help update their wardrobe.

While priority #1 for last night's episode was to find LeAnn a gown for a pre-Oscar party, it also focused a lot on covering up Rimes' two-piece-loving bod.

"Everyone thinks I wear this around the house," the country singer joked while parading around in her beachwear. "I might as well before things start sagging down."

Rimes, who is married to Eddie Cibrian, explained she doesn't like coverups because it's hard to find any that "don't look like muumuus."

So, were Mary Alice and her team successful? Check out their solution in the video above and more celebrity closets below!


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