Adrienne Bailon hosted Gillette's Kiss & Tell event in Miami on Thursday, where she did a little kissing and telling of her own.

toofab's Lawrence Yee caught up with the singer/actress, who dished on her infamous Rob Kardashian butt tattoo and wardrobe malfunctions.

"As far as I'm concerned it's gone," Adrianne replied when when asked about the status of her butt tattoo with her ex's name. After debating several tattoo removal treatments, she picked a spectrum laser. "There's literally nothing there," she boasted of the results.

"When you're caught up in a relationship, you do some crazy things," Adrienne said of her and Rob's name tattoos. "I'm actually not a tattoo girl ... there's nothing more beautiful than bare skin with nothing on it."

The same holds true for the scruffy versus shaven debate, which Gillette is asking couples nationwide. "I'm a fan of baby smooth skin," Adrienne says, admitting she had bad experience with facial hair.

"When I was growing up, one of my boyfriends was just getting a mustache. It started looking like *I* was getting a mustache because I got actually got a rash on my upper lip from kissing him."

As for guys who are growing out their beards for the winter, Adrienne says "a lady can keep you warm better than your beard can."

The former Cheetah Girl also addressed the wardrobe malfunction that left her completely exposed on the red carpet. Adrienne told toofab she regretted the situation, adding, "You definitely won't see me in something sheer again."

Adrienne feels the media is now looking for wardrobe malfunctions every time they go on the carpet, which toofab admittedly did when we featured her daring cut-out dress from last week.


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