Before MTV became a breeding ground for fist pumpers and troublesome teen moms, it actually played music videos.

And today, we're paying tribute to the people who introduced them: The MTV VJ.

In honor of Pauly Shore's 45th birthday, we decided to see how all the VJs of the '80s and '90s have aged through the years.

Pauly definitely looks a lot different than his days as The Weasel. Long gone is that long curly hair and his crazy Steven Tyler-esque styling.

After leaving MTV, he found acting success in a string of comedies after his days on MTV -- starring in flicks like "Son-In-Law," "Bio-Dome" and "In the Army Now."

After that he made a mockumentary called "Pauly Shore Is Dead" and can most recently be seen in Internet videos on Funny or Die and YouTube. He's also currently on tour doing standup.

How have the rest of the VJs held up through the years? Check out the gallery above to see current shots of original VJs like Nina Blackwell and Martha Quinn, plus '90s staples like Daisy Fuentes, Bill Bellamy and Simon Rex.

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