The Ravens won the Super Bowl and Beyonce killed it during the halftime show, so now only one question remains: Which million dollar commercials made the biggest impact?

From Space Babies to partying grannies, these are the 10 spots that we liked most ... plus one with Will Ferrell that was only seen in 3 markets!

10.) "Prom," Audi 

The spot showed a teenage outsider taking his parents' Audi to the school dance so he could steal a kiss from the Prom Queen. He may have ended the night with a black eye, but the smooch was 100 times better than the one we were subjected to between Bar Refaeli and a nerd for the cringeworthy commercial.

9.) "Asking Amy," Best Buy

We'll watch Amy Poehler do anything ... so seeing her go shopping at Best Buy while asking questions like "What's LTE, is it contagious?" was hilarious.

8.) "Concept," Calvin Klein

Sure, there was nothing groundbreaking about this underwear commercial ... but it was some nice eye candy for the ladies in a sea of spots and halftime shows with scantily-clad women.

7.) "Wish Granted," Toyota

Toyota was smart by getting CBS star Kaley Cuoco to appear in their ad for the Super Bowl, which also aired on CBS. While the whole "wishes gone wrong" plot isn't exactly groundbreaking, it was still a good attempt at comedy.

6.) "Whole Again," Jeep

With Oprah Winfrey narrating, you knew you were in for one of the more emotional commercials of the night -- and the Jeep spot immediately following the halftime show didn't disappoint. "We wait. We hope. We pray. Until you're home again" ... time to reach for the tissues.

5.) "The Clydesdales: Brotherhood," Budweiser

Also hoping to make your eyes water was this Budweiser spot, which showed what the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale horses look like while growing up. The answer: Adorable.

4.) "Space Babies," Kia

Also adorable: A planet full of babies of every species in existence. This Kia ad showing a dad explaining to his son how babies are made was the right amount of cute and funny. Also, Space Pandas are the cutest.

3.)  "Fast & Furious 6"

As far as movie trailers are concerned, none blew us away more than the one for "Fast & Furious 6" -- which was full of planes blowing up, tanks and the return of Michelle Rodriguez. Count us in!

2.) "Love Ballad," M&Ms

Who doesn't love a little Meatloaf on Game Day? The red M&M showed us what he won't do for love ... with the help of "Glee" hottie Naya Rivera.

1.) "Viva Young," Taco Bell

Our favorite of the night was this spot from Taco Bell, which showed that old people love a wild night out just as much as we do -- and end it by getting Fourthmeal at the fast food joint. Set to a Spanish version of "We Are Young," the spot was hilarious.

Bonus Spot:

Will Ferrell filmed a spot for Old Milwaukee that only aired in three markets -- showing him making out with an older woman on a bus. If you don't live in Glendive, Montana, Sherman, Texas and Ardmore, Oklahoma, check it out for the first time above.

And which was your favorite? Sound off below!

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