The dreaded Hollywood Week kicked off on "American Idol" Wednesday night.

The round is known for its high drama, spectacular performances and even more spectacular meltdowns. This season, two twists were introduced. The genders were separated, with the guys competing only against each other.

Then, in the second group round, the producers -- not the contestants -- picked whom was singing with whom. Of course, the selections were made to maximize the conflict: the cross-dresser was paired up with the military guy, for example.

The groups were then asked to pick from 20 songs. Those who chose to sing One Direction went in every direction, and we'll spare you their horrible performances. Here are the best ... and worst ... of the group round:

1. Country Queen

The aptly titled Country Queen -- who included cross-dressing cosmetologist JDA and Army Sargeant Trevor Blakney -- were about as eclectic as they come. Singing "More Than Words," that's exactly what their group number was. Watch:


DKSK was comprised of the youngest guys in the competition, and they were just as hungry as their older counterparts. The group included 16-year-old Kayden Stephenson -- who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and is only expected to live to age 35. Their performance had judge Mariah Carey tearing up and declaring, "I can't take it!" Watch:

3. B Side

B Side's rendition of Maroon 5's "Payphone" was so so awful that Randy Jackson pleaded to the group to "hang up damn the phone." Which -- if any -- of the guys made it through?

4. The Couch Potatoes

The self-described "very interesting group" included quirky Charlie Askew and confident choir director Curtis Finch Jr. But when Charlie fell ill would the tenuous trio break apart? And how would their unusual music choice -- Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song" -- fare?

5. Oz

Talk about an epic meltdown. Watch as one member of this group completely breaks down.

Bonus. The Four Tones

Not all groups were terrible. In fact, this foursome was incredible, considering that they only had one day to practice.

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