Dave Grohl has waged a one-man war against the Britney Spears army.

The Foo Fighters frontman filled in for Chelsea Handler on her talk show, "Chelsea Lately," earlier this week -- where he put the pop star and her plans for a Las Vegas show on blast.

"She kinda seems dead inside," Grohl said while talking about the former "X Factor" judge with the show's panel of comedians. "There's nothing behind her eyes, there's nothing in her boobs anymore."

Funny? Sure. Kind of true? Maybe. Infuriating to Spears fans? Definitely.

Here's a sampling of the Britney fanatics' reactions on Twitter:

- That's how the Foo's sound to me nowadays.

- Dear Dave Grohl, how about you leave the Britney jokes in 2007 where they were actually relevant
#cheapshot #ass****

- Shut the f**k up Dave Grohl.

- Dave Grohl can f**k right off. Nobody cares about what you think about Britney you sore loser.

- Dave Grohl, you're nothing but a piece of s**t, How dare you to talk about Britney Spears like that?!?!?!?

- Dave Grohl needs to pipe down about Britney. He's pressed that the only decent Foo Fighters record (The Colour & The Shape) came out in 1997

What do you think about what he said? Did it cross a line or was it all good in the name of comedy? Sound off below.

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