Jessica Simpson just posted three sexy shots from her eponymous clothing line. Check 'em out:




There's no question JSimp looks amazing, but we are scratching our heads over when this campaign was shot.

You see, back in September, Jessica hit the talk show circuit admitting she struggled with her weight after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell. At that point she had lost 40+ pounds, but was still "on her way."

By October, she was able to squeeze herself into a corseted Halloween costume. But in November there were rumors that she was pregnant again -- rumors that turned out to be true!

So sometime in the fall, she did this shoot. There's the tell-tale techniques to looks slimmer: big hair, pursed lips, billowy shirts and arms over the head. Plus, Jess probably benefitted from some Photoshop help, too.

We're not hating, we're just investigating!

Jess looks beautiful before, during and after her pregnancies. To see more stars with back-to-back pregnancies, check out the gallery below!


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