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There are a ton of new "Star Wars" movies coming -- and one of them may be a solo Han Solo flick.

According to Entertainment Weekly, one of the ideas being kicked around by Disney right now is a prequel based around Harrison Ford's classic character.

The movie would take place between the events of "Revenge of the Sith" and "Star Wars Episode VII: A New Hope" -- and, unless they blow the budget on age-reversing CGI, there's no way Ford could still play the part.

So ... who should? I've got a few people in mind, including "On the Road" star Garrett Hedlund (above). Doesn't he fill the costume perfectly?

Check out my incredibly impressive Photoshop work above to see who else I think should play the Captain of the Millennium Falcon in the new flick ... and why!

Did I miss anyone? Send me your recommendations in the comments below.

-Brian Particelli

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