Adam Levine
really, really wants to be a rockstar. I guess it's working for him.

The Maroon 5 crooner covers 7 Hollywood magazine for the Icons issue ... and he looks pretty damn good -- that is, in a dirty-sleazy-sexy kind of way.

Not sure what I mean? Adam's like your typical Hollywood bad boy who regularly frequents pubs and dives ... who you've desperately always wanted to sleep with, but you know you shouldn't. Here's my advice -- just don't do it. Some things/people are for meant looking, not touching. Get my drift?

Posing in a series of shirtless pics for the mag, Levine places on display his two best assets: those abs and tattoos. The guy has a really good body (and body art), which I can appreciate. Isn't it fun to objectify men?

The 33-year-old's definitely easy on the eyes -- but c'mon look at the way he poses! If that doesn't scream d-bag to you, then we need to talk.

Which is why I'm awarding the flannel-clad singer with the title of "Sexiest D-Bag Alive." Congrats Adam!

- Brittany Kyles

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