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That's all we can say about Ethan Hawke's new look, which he debuted on the red carpet at the premiere of new new play "Clive" last night in NYC.

In the show, which Hawke both stars in and directed, Ethan plays a '90s rocker  ... which explains the heavy use of peroxide and guyliner.

"I didn't want to feel like me when I did this role," Hawke told the New York Times about his transformation last month. "I was shooting for a Bowie thing, but then I saw a picture of him after I did it and he really didn't do his hair like this." 

Nope, that was Billy Idol, Ethan!

And while he certainly is veering into Idol territory, I can't help but think about another celebrity when I see that wild, untamed mane:

Yep, Food Network star Anne Burrell.

Check out more stars who have had makeunders for a role in the gallery above. 

-Brian Particelli

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