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These two photos were taken less than three months apart. For reals.

Not only does Gisele Bundchen have a hot husband in Tom Brady and a litter of adorable kids (including newborn Vivian Lake), but she also has a miracle body ... one that apparently bounces back from pregnancy mere moments after giving birth.

Let's do the math.

The supermodel popped out little Viv in early December. Her hot Elle Germany cover that was unveiled today had to have been taken at least a couple weeks ago.

That means she had to drop the weight in about a month. 

While Gisele's belly ballooned during her second pregnancy (just look at that beach shot above), she didn't really gain weight anywhere else ... further confirming my "Freak of Nature" hypothesis.

Check out more impressive celebrity weight loss photos in the gallery above.

Meanwhile, I'll be in the kitchen eating my second lunch.

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