This year’s Grammy Awards were filled with some unexpected moments, some funny and some infuriating.

Taylor Swift poked fun at her ex, Rihanna cozied up with hers (yep, Chris Brown), and there were some once-in-a-lifetime surprise duets! Plus, Kelly Clarkson made me fall in love with her all over again!

1. Taylor Swift mocks Harry Styles

Taylor opened the show with her breakup anthem "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." During the spoken part of the song, the serial dater put on a British accent, a clear message to her ex beau, Harry Styles of "One Direction." Listen:

2. Chris Brown and Rihanna cuddle in the audience, then he refuses to give Frank Ocean a standing ovation.

Oh, how quickly they forget. Exactly four years ago, Chris beat Rihanna until her face was black and blue. During the show, he has his arm around her. I'm not going to say anything more about them except that they deserve each other.

Frank Ocean won the Urban Contemporary Album, beating Chris Brown and Miguel. At first, I gave props to Chris for giving Frank a (delayed) round of applause. But when the room stood for an ovation, Chris, unmissable in his blinding white suit, decided to stay seated. Keep it classy Chris:

3. Miguel seduces the audience with "Adorn."

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a R&B superstar in the making. Can we pay more attention to this young man instead of Chris Brown?

4. Justin Timberlake returns to the Grammy stage

After a five-year musical hiatus, Justin Timberlake returned to the stage in a performance brought to you by the Earlybird filter on Instagram. He was good ... but Bruno Mars does throwback better.

5. Alicia Keys and Maroon 5 duet

One of the best female pop singers backed by one of the best pop bands? Swoon. Also, how sexy does Alicia look in her LBD?

6. Kelly Clarkson's acceptance speech

We let out a little cheer when Kelly Clarkson won the best pop vocal album (against some tough competition like fun., P!nk, and Maroon 5). She seemed genuinely surprised and her speech was totally off-the-cuff and cute:

7. Rihanna and Mikky Ekko sing "Stay."

As disgusted I am with Chris Brown and Rihanna, she delivered her best vocal that I can remember in a long time, looking beautiful and vulnerable at the same time.

8. Kelly Clarkson's Patti Page and Carole King tribute

Just moments after her Best Pop Vocal Album win, she paid tribute to Lifetime Achievement winners Patti Page and Carole King. She went seamlessly from "Tennesee Waltz" to "Natural Woman," a song that established her as the one to beat on "American Idol."

9. Katy Perry introduces the Best New Artist Award

Katy poked fun at herself ... and Bon Iver (yep, I had forgotten about him, too). Also, she wore a very revealing dress, which you can see close up.

10. Bruno Mars and Sting duet

Another dream duet made in heaven. Or should I say locked out of heaven? Awesome.

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