What happened to Angelina Jolie?

Last February, Jolie's sexy Oscar dress sparked a leg-baring trend that Jennifer Lopez (tackily) continued last night.

But what a difference a year makes.

Instead of wearing anything remotely interesting, Angie faded into the backdrop at a Society of Cinematographers event last night. Her grey knee-length dress, paired with boring heels, hair and accessories made the mother of six look like ... well, a mother of six.

At 37, Jolie needs to check her matronly looks at the door and enjoy looking young while she can.

I miss the Angie that shamelessly stood with her chicken leg out in the red carpet, the one who showed off her million tattoos with backless dresses and hot body in black leather.

In other words, trash it up a bit Angie!

You don't have to go back to wearing blood necklaces and making out with your brother, but find a happy, sexier medium.

-Brian Particelli

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