Is there any 64-year-old cooler than Dame Helen Mirren?

The actress, who is also one of my favorite people ever, showed up to the BAFTA Awards in London last night with brand new pink hair, and no, it's not a dye job gone wrong.

Mirren actually scores extra cool points for the reasoning behind the new look: She saw it on one of the best guilty-pleasure reality shows around.

"I was watching 'America's Next Top Model' ... did you watch the season where they had the British girls and the Americans?" she asked reporters on the red carpet. "Remember the British girl who won, she had pink hair. I thought 'Ooh that's really pretty, so I'm copying her basically."

You read that correctly: Dame Helen Mirren watches "ANTM." Somewhere Tyra Banks just peed her pants in excitement.

Here's "British Invasion" winner Sophie Sumner -- how do you think Helen did copying the look?

 -Brian Particelli

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